A broad range of value-added services in terms of quality and delivery time

Desing & construction

Desing & constructionclose

Our mission is to combine creativity and technology.
We can offer a technical consultation during the design and construction phase in order to create a sustainable, high quality, eye catching products. Our team will assist you in choosing materials, deciding on shape and manufacturing technology.

Die cutting

Die cuttingclose

A process of shape cutting using a metal cutting forme or 'die' which is shaped to the profile that is required to make the cut. It can be used in cardboard, microflute, paper or plastik cutting in limited and large editions.
Cutting press size up to 1300x900 mm.
Die cutting of ready made hard covers, size up to 290x420 mm.



Offset and digital printing as wel as UV varnish applications and silk printing in collaboration with the best partners for each single project



Automatic or semi-automatic paper, board, microflute laminating in small and large quantities.
Sheet size up to 1100mm width

Hot foil stamping

Hot foil stampingclose

The fine art of applying a film of foil to paper, plastic or leather.
Variety of foils that you can choose from: metallic, gloss, matte, special effects or holographic foils.
The effects of foil stamping, especially when combined with embossing or debossing services, reflect the attention and creates elegant, eye-catching results.
Stamping on ready made hard covers, boxes and slipcases are available.

The same exceptional service is delivered on large and small-scale work

Embossing and debossing

Embossing and debossingclose

Embossing process creates an eye-catching 3d effect and can be used on almost any paper-based stationery to add interest and texture. It enables to highlight important elements of desigh and add a high- end feel to a projects.
The opposite of this is debossing where the print is pressed into the material to leave a permanent cavity.
These processes can be used by itself or to raise a foil or offset printed image.
Embossing/debossing on ready made hard covers, boxes and slipcases are available.



Riveting, creasing, hole drilling, angle rounding, collecting and other finishing services for your product completeness.